Drupal Showcase in: Greek

A simple drupal site for a greek creative studio!
A multilingual site for a spa hotel in Xylokastro, Greece. The client needed to be able to alter and promote their spa packages and SEO.
A presentation website for a construction company.
This drupal website has been launched 5 months ago but all the content was for logged in users only. Now, the content is open to anonymous visitors.
Here is our latest developement. A showcase website for a landscape architect based between athens and london. The nice thing is the clean slideshows we have set up.
mitosis in vitro fertilization clinic
A site created to inform members of the public about alternative herbal medication.
FunnyStuff.gr is the greatest website for funny stuff around internet!
Euronem is a European oriented think-tank in Greece consisting of academics, journalists and businessmen.
This website presents the services offered by the Dr. Michael Lazanakis, obstetrician and gynaecologist in Athens Greece, and his wife, Fiona Mcintosh, midwife.
A simple site based on Drupal where We offer web development services.
A portal about Greek wine. Contains info about the Greek varieties, professional directory, articles and much more.