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2015/03/29 5 Of The Best IDEs You Should Consider For Drupal Development

As a developer, you'll certainly want to be more productive. Being productive means making fewer mistakes and writing quality code. Needless to say, that all depends on you, but using IDEs (integrated development environments) can help you accomplish those goals in an easier and quicker manner.

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2014/11/17 New design is in process.

Big design and functionality updates are upcoming, so new submissions, new user registration and comments are closed for a few days. Most probably till next weekend (of Novemner 22-ish, for 9th drupalsites.net anniversary).

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2012/11/28 Best Drupal sites showcase 7 years online

Drupalsites.net is celebrating 7 years online. It has grown from a small list of sites into an impressive Drupal showcase featuring over 4100 websites as of today (and historical count close to 8000 submits). Currently Drupalsites.net, the first and the largest Drupal showcase featuring Drupal-based site of all shapes and sizes, from blogs to portals, from portfolios to online stores.

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2012/10/14 Blogs powered by Drupal

Here are some examples of blogs powered by Drupal we selected from about 500 sites listed in the "Blog" category of Drupalsites.net showcase to show you how flexible, versatile and good-looking can be a blog created with Drupal CMS.

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2012/09/06 New DrupalSites is up

Drupal 7 upgrade took a week longer than expected, but the result is quite nice. Shiny, trendy new design (not quite finished yet though), larger screenshots as many requested, better category list, and indeed an easier feature upgrades for future.

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